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Restoring Lives to their destinies. Come Celebrate Jesus with us...He has already done it!

Visiting Apostle Damaris - at Praise Conference

Apostle Damaris ministered at DFI Praise Conference - Powerful word on the life of Joseph.

DFI Sunday Worship

DFI Praise and Worship Team (DFIPT) is dedicated to magnifying the name of Jesus Christ in worship...We celebrate Jesus with all our being and all our heart. Come celebrate Jesus with us...He has already done it!

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Our church Overseers

Bishop Paul and Anne Mulani

You will be uplifted and edified by powerful, anointed and very insightful teaching!

Our Pastors

Rev. James and Shelmith Ngigi, Resident senior pastors...great servants of God will minister to you and your needs.

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